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Go Beyond With Healthcare
Roles That Pay More

For Med Surg RNs, ICU RNs, And NPs Who Want A Better Work-Life Balance

Have you become so tied up in your career that you’ve missed out on important moments in your life? Are you dedicating enough time to your hobbies, friends, health, and family? Do you wish you could earn more money without sacrificing any more of your time and energy to get there? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then it’s time to talk to Tyger i Consulting Group. We can place you in roles that pay more, offer healthier nurse-to-patient ratios, provide more flexible schedules, hours, and accelerate career growth.

Become the next RN to enjoy our commitment to success by submitting your resume today. That way, our recruitment experts can match you to fitting roles and give you the first look at exclusive jobs we find. 
Don’t forget to look through the jobs board too, as the right role may already exist.

It’s Better To Work With People
Who Understand You

Med Surg RNs

risk burnout juggling new tech, complex patient care, admissions, discharges, and staffing shortages to keep patients safe.


always have to be “on” and spend countless hours to do their best to keep people alive and their stressed out loved ones informed.


often deal with unpredictable hours, shortages that hinder their ability to help, and other issues like charting, new trends, and restrictive workplaces.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Our placement solutions can help you sacrifice less and achieve more, all the while enjoying above-average wages. Our solutions include:

Local Contract Roles

Define how long you want to work with a healthcare facility and let us handle all the fine print regarding duration, pay, benefits, hours, and other important considerations.

4, 8, 13 and 26 Week Travel Nurse Jobs

If you have a license in good standing, and at least one year of experience, and want to travel? Pick up travel nurse contracts with employers like hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities, and get paid non-taxable dollars for your travel.

Direct Hire

Forget the stress of negotiating the best pay, perks, and hours for yourself while navigating a new role by leaving it all to us. We’re rooting for you and won't stop until we get you the best possible deal on all fronts.

Local Contract-to-Hire Roles

See if you’re an ideal fit for an employer, join their workforce if offered, or come back to us for more options if you’d like alternatives.

Per Diem Shifts Open

Do you have a flexible work schedule? Pick up specific shifts without any extra commitments and get paid more for your time and gain more experience. Work within commuting distance of your home working one-off shifts, or several shifts.

Executive Search

Are you looking for your next role as a healthcare executive? The C-suite impacts all levels of an organization and Tyger i Consulting can help you be placed in a permanent and interim leadership role where you can not only thrive personally and professionally, but also drive healthcare solutions and patient outcomes to new levels.

Submit your resume today and let Tyger i Consulting facilitate your placement in a role where you can earn more in fewer hours. Our experts will work  tirelessly to match you to roles fitting your requirements. In the meantime, check out the jobs board to see what we already have on offer.

We Can Staff Your Hospitals, Clinics, and Surgery Centers and Keep Your Nurses Happy Too

They say good help is hard to find, but making that easier is what we do at Tyger i Consulting. 
We’ve provided staffing solutions that solved hospital’s staff shortages, managed poor nurse-patient ratios at clinics to keep morale high, and eliminated burnout risk and minimized turnover at surgical centers. That’s why Chief Nursing Officers, Directors of Nursing, and Nurse Managers trust us, and why you should too.
Speak with a Tyger i Consulting recruitment expert today to discuss your specific staffing needs, or fill out a staff request form to tell us what you need.